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Our Philosophy

Our Stock investing philosophy is based on the following time tested market investing principles:

  • Quality - Invest only in stocks of companies that have good fundamentals and are reasonably valued.
  • Diversification - Diversify optimally to manage idiosyncratic risk
  • Patience - Give time for your quality stocks to show market price appreciation - as we believe good companies are capable of rising above the rest over the long term
  • Discipline - Don't chase all the ideas and follow a disciplined approach to investing

Our ETF investing philosophy is based on these fundamental beliefs:

  • Asset Allocation - Follow an appropriate asset allocation approach for your multi-asset class portfolio that matches your individual risk profile
  • Rebalancing - Don't forget to periodically rebalance your mulit-asset class portfolio

Our Stock Trading philosophy is based on these core rules:

  • Quality - Trade good quality companies with reasonably good fundamentals with appreciating price trend
  • Discipline - Don't hold too many open positions
  • Money Management - Follow proper position sizing that suits your trading capital
  • Risk Management - Always cut your losses short and don't add more money to a losing trade - Drawdowns are a reality that every trader has to anticipate and learn to deal with!

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