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Top 10 Country ETFS Highest Year to Date Price Change as of May 29th, 2020

Symbol Description Price Weekly Change% Monthly Change% YTD Change%
MCHI iShares MSCI China ETF 61.00 3.25 1.70 -4.82
SPY SPDR S&P 500 304.32 3.01 4.76 -5.45
EWL iShares Inc iShares MSCI Switzerland ETF 38.31 2.52 3.88 -5.73
EFNL iShares Inc MSCI Finland 35.87 6.21 8.40 -5.85
EWJ iShares MSCI Japan Index Fund 55.41 5.20 7.05 -6.47
EIS iShares Inc iShares MSCI Israel ETF 52.81 2.40 4.78 -7.92
EWD iShares Inc iShares MSCI Sweden ETF 30.19 7.63 10.02 -8.24
EWN iShares MSCI Netherlands Index Fund 30.72 4.38 7.94 -9.27
EWT iShares Inc iShares MSCI Taiwan ETF 37.18 1.97 0.41 -9.60
FXI iShares China Large-Cap ETF 39.05 4.13 1.19 -10.50

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